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Challenging Others

to live on fire for jesus

Joshua’s favorite way to describe who he is, is a friend to all and a stranger to none. He loves his friends, and family. If he isn’t having a competitive game night, he is having a pickleball tournament or watching a good movie. Joshua loves to help people be their most comfortable self. Whether it’s being extremely weird or just opening up over a good cup of coffee (preferably with some good latte art).

When Joshua was 14, he was a middle school menace that is still known as the kid that got kicked out of Bible study (multiple times). Yet the summer of 2016 God radically spoke to him during a youth camp message. Joshua committed his life to follow Jesus that night. As his relationship with Jesus started, Joshua’s life began to change in big and small ways. He found more joy in his youth group and what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. That following summer God called him into ministry. Joshua always knew that this call would involve cultivating relationships with the people around him.When Joshua came to know Christ he had a tug on his heart to learn how to preach. At 15, he began seeking guidance on how to share the good news from his youth pastor. As his passion for preaching progressed it was no longer only about the people around him, but about the millions around the globe who haven’t heard the name of Jesus.Joshua was encouraged by a few of his mentors to try something he had never heard of called Forge Equipping. At Forge Equipping, Joshua was encouraged and empowered to use who God has called him to be for his unique ministry. Through this, he learned that he loves the underdog stories. This meant going to the people that feel undervalued and unloved and empowering them to live on fire and on purpose for Jesus. Through Equipping, Joshua learned he can use his goofiness to help others open up and feel comfortable to be the person God has called them to be.

About Joshua

Joshua enjoys studying the Bible and understanding the Theology in scripture he hears every week on a Sunday. He loves to dive deeper into the meaning of scripture and share it with other people any time he gets a chance. This lead to him pursuing a BA in Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies. 

Along with schooling Joshua has finally began his lifelong dream of pursuing full-time ministry. He is very excited to be apart of the Forge team so he can proclaim the gospel from place to place, equip more believers to make an impact as laborers, and build out regional events for wider impact across the nation and around the globe.

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