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The Forge Fund fuels every initiative of the ministry and creates the ability to respond to the greatest needs. Firestarters are monthly donors who join us in ongoing impact, helping us reach more people and places worldwide!

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“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” – Matthew 9:37

In every facet and sphere of society, there are people desperate for real hope and truth. How will they know unless we tell them?

The heart cry of Jesus is to raise up an army of Laborers, people who are passionate about carrying the mandate to “go and make disciples in every nation”. Your support fuels a worldwide disciple-making movement. Together we can raise up a generation of Kingdom Laborers – from next-door neighbors to co-workers to tribes and nations, spreading the love of Jesus everywhere.

Your generosity

is making
worldwide impact

Forge is a global mobilization movement supported by generous donors who are fulfilling the great commission by activating believers in every facet of society.

Millions of Lives Impacted

Forge speakers, equipping, and resources are impacting even more than the 3.25+ million people Forge has spoken to as the movement expands. around the globe.

About 1 Million hearts for jesus

Forge Speakers are leading people to dedicate their
lives to Jesus and His Kingdom cause.

1000’s of bibles distributed

Forge is distributing Bibles and discipleship resources in places of great need giving people the Word of God, to fuel their ongoing intimacy with God.
People are over entertained and under-challenged

to live on fire for Jesus

You are fueling a movement to equip believers and make disciples.


Every day I pray: “Forge me God, and put me to work for your glory.” This is the same cry that is raising up in believers across every sphere of influence. Can you even imagine what God will forge in and through our lives as we submit ourselves fully to him? Together, we can be Kingdom Laborers who spread the love of Jesus across our neighborhoods, communities, and cities… until everyone, everywhere has encountered His Love!

Dr. Dwight Robertson
President & Founder of Forge


Wisely stewarding our God-given resources.

Forge operates under the oversight of a national board of directors that meets regularly providing board governance, visionary leadership, godly wisdom, and financial accountability.
Forge’s annual outside audit successfully completed by CapinCrouse LLP.
A vibrant reproducing movement of Kingdom laborers is evident since our founding in 1986!
Forge has received Charity Navigator’s
highest rating.

ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) membership, with high accountability standards, remains strong —“Integrity You Can Trust”

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