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To Do What Jesus SAID IN MATTHEW 24:14

Did you know that not only does Christ want more people to come to know Him, He wants people from every tribe, tongue & nation to become a part of his family? There is much work to be done.

Right now, the Forge team and a growing network of Forge Ambassadors, are working among the 1000s of unreached people groups who have never even heard the name of Jesus, in some of the darkest and most dangerous parts of the world.

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Forge Ambassadors are indigenous partners, fueling the laborership movement in various nations. They are constant boots on the ground, often in unreached places where people have never heard about Jesus! They actively proclaim the message of Jesus among the lost and unreached, train new believers to become disciples and multiply others to go and do the same.

The least reached are coming to Christ. Bibles are being distributed in restricted nations. The neediest groups on the planet are receiving help in the name of Jesus. Will you fuel the movement?

While we cannot share project specifics of many places we are working due to extreme security risks, check out what God has been doing among this East African tribe. Meet the Hadzabe:

Forge Forward

The ImPact

Various Hadza people have now come to know Jesus and share Him with others. Much of the Bible has now been translated and recorded for them to listen. Click here to experience what they are hearing. The first ever Hadzabe-initiated and Hadzabe-led Church has emerged!

Yet more Hadza still wait to hear the message. And there are others world-wide still waiting for someone to bring them hope. This is one of the most important tasks left for us to do.

Forge is equipping and supporting Forge Ambassadors, who are bringing the gospel to the least reached people groups around the globe. And the number of those reached continues to grow!

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