David Yirdaw

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Engaging in life-on-life ministry

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Connecting people

to God's transformative work and power

If you’re looking for David, you might want to check in the gym before you stop by the church office. He’s not shirking responsibility. Quite the contrary. He’s engaging in life-on-life ministry! David is passionate about meeting people in their everyday places and connecting them to God’s transformative work and power in their life.

Along with speaking, David served for ten years in two different church settings (Dallas and Denver) as a youth and young adults pastor. Now, he and his wife, Essey, along with their daughter and son, live in Denver as they continue their family mission of “knowing God and making Him known” through David’s current Kingdom assignment as a Denver church planter. 

About David

Originally from Ethiopia, David moved to the U.S. when he was six. A significant portion of his life, education, and ministry has been spent in Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. From those home base locations, David has traveled abroad to such places as London, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Addis Abba, and Canada to share the gospel with youth and college students. His biblical training and degree in marketing have made him God-wise and street savvy as a pastor, discipler, and speaker.

And one more thing. If you can’t find David at the church or gym, you may want to try an online gaming platform later in the evening. Rumor has it, sports video games are one of his downtime enjoyments after the kids have been snugly tucked in bed.

“Raising up a generation

of Christ followers who know who they are, who they serve, and where they’re going.”