“Your Prayers Spared My Life!”

May 2, 2023

You're gonna want to put a seat belt on for this one! While Adrian was driving up to the Outer Banks to preach at a Men's Conference and the church, rubber flew off his tire! He needed to stop to get new tires so He found a tire repair shop and had to wait 2 hours! After the new tire was put on, the mechanic came out and Adrian lead him to Christ! Adrian was able to get back onto the road, but ended up being an hour and fifteen minutes late. The conference waited for him, he preached, and Revival broke out! God provided a miracle for Adrian to get to the event safely, save someone along the way, and to have Revival break out! Adrian said, “I think your prayers SPARED my life.” Thank you for your continual prayers for God to raise up more Kingdom Laborers!