Young Girl Decided to Preach at Weekend Retreat

April 2, 2024

Forge Speaker Hope Radebaugh reports on her time speaking with Forge Speaker Paul Epperson at the South Pacific Association Weekend Retreat in California:

“There probably 250-300 workers and students at this event, and it was amazing to see God at work in Southern California! God was doing deep work in setting students free from strongholds. There were lots of salvations, there were recommitments, and there were praise and worship. A real move of the Spirit at this event!”

Hope also had a 12-year-old girl come up to her and say, “Miss Hope, I want to preach. I want to be a preacher of the Gospel. How exactly do I do that?”

What a blessing! Thank you for praying, and thank you for praying for kids! These students' hearts on fire.