What Are the Stars Telling You?

Keith McEntire

April 27, 2023
“Look up into the heavens. Who created all the stars? He brings them out like an army,
one after another, calling each by name.” —Isaiah 40:26


While in India, we awoke to the joyous sound of children singing as they performed their chores. But that seemed a long time ago. Our Forge Equipping Team spent that morning with Bible school students, the afternoon traveling and performing mimes, and the evening broadcasting The Jesus Film on a makeshift screen in yet another village. We finally arrived “home” around 10pm. The desire for rest superseded hunger. Regardless, we gathered at the dinner table.

I excused myself as soon as I could, having planned a little time with God before crashing into bed. Being an introvert in a wall-to-wall day of people, I craved solitude’s rejuvenation. Guilt may have played a role too. You know, that last spiritual duty to check off the day’s list “for God.” Honestly, I wanted this to be quick.

I ascended the stairs and approached the door leading to a large outdoor balcony. I wanted to get there before anyone claimed this perfect spot! Looking up, I was speechless. I wasn't expecting what was awaiting me…

A million smiling, dazzling stars adorned the pitch-black backdrop!

Here I think I’m going to favor God with my checking-in, and He greets me with this all-out heavenly welcome! It was a vibrant reminder of just how much God loves to be with me. I don’t remember anything prayed that night; I just remember enjoying it immensely.

And feeling deeply cherished.



As you “meet with God” this week, do so with an acute awareness that He’s really, REALLY looking forward to it!
Does that change your perspective about “devotions”?