Two Powerful Events

July 25, 2023

Click play to hear from Forge Speaker Michaela Wickham about her two week adventure! Her first stop was at a middle school camp in North Carolina! “The Holy Spirit showed up and it was incredible to see them come hungry and make decisions for Jesus.” Twenty students were called to salvation and understood that they were lost, and around 70 or more wanted to re-commit their lives to Jesus. Thirty-seven were called to ministry as middle schoolers! They were equipped to take the next steps to get involved at their church and given a strong call to be laborers everywhere they go! She then jumped up to New York and taught seminar sessions at a camp. She had students for an hour a day, talking about identity in Christ and having intimacy with Him. God moved in wild ways; what a powerful two weeks! Thank you for your continued prayers — they are raising up more Kingdom Laborers!