Thrive Like a Palm Tree

Tripp Hurst

October 4, 2023

The righteous thrive like a palm tree and grow like a cedar tree in Lebanon.
– Psalm 92:12, CSB

As long as I can remember, the palm tree has always been my favorite tree. I didn’t live in a city that had them, so when we would go on family vacations to the beach, I would always get excited and know that we were nearing our destination when I would see my first palm tree. There is just something about their beauty that put a smile on my face.

While reading Psalm 92, the verse above stuck out to me. “Thrive like a palm tree?” Has it ever occurred to you how palm trees, though not very thick, can withstand hurricanes and other storms? Palm trees are not made of wood but of a spongy substance that allows them to bend and withstand high winds. The roots of the palm are also amazing. The more storms that come against a palm tree, the stronger the roots grow.

Psalm 92:12 says that “the righteous thrive like a palm tree.” The righteous are those who are right with God. If you and I are right with God, then we will also grow like a cedar tree. Cedar wood actually has the ability to preserve and protect the things around it.



When the storms of life come at you, when circumstances aren’t going your way, where are your roots? Are you rooted in Christ or in something else? If you are rooted in Christ, you will stand firm and thrive because He is with you through it all so that you will not break. Seek God this week and ask Him if you are completely rooted in Him. Confess and forsake anything He reveals to you is anchoring your life rather than Him.