The Laborers are Increasing!

April 22, 2023

Paul shares about two events that he recently spoke at. One in Delta, MS that he attended with Charlie Marq! Paul loves being able to travel in pairs; It's power packed and there is support and encouragement, that's why God in the NT sent out the disciples in twos. He said that there were, “lots of salvations and great connections made moving froward with pastors, Forge Fest, and Plan A Conferences!” The harvest is plentiful and because of your prayers, the Laborers are increasing! With the other event, it was a power packed weekend! Around 90% responded the first night and walked into the truth of who Jesus is! The second night, the attendees learned how to share their God stories and they all committed to sharing those stories this week! Praise God for the work He continues to do and for your faithfulness to pray for more Kingdom Laborers!