Stay Equipped: 4 Characteristics of a Kingdom Laborer

Q4 2023 Forge Newsletter

November 14, 2023

Stay Equipped 4Characteristics of a Kingdom Laborer “If you love Me,“IofbyeoyumlyovceomMme,aonbdemyemnytsc.o” –mJmoahnd1m4e:1n5ts.” – John 14:15 Have you ever wondered why a cup of tea tastes like, well... tea? After all, tea is 99% water. No chemistry degree required, tea tastes like tea because the water has soaked in the tea’s flavor. The same is true with Kingdom Laborers. Steeped in an up-close relationship with Jesus, Kingdom Laborers take on the life and character of Jesus. They begin to love as Jesus loves, think as He thinks, care as He cares, and act as He acts. The more time Laborers spend with Jesus, the more they resemble Him to the needing and watching world. Here are four marks of a Kingdom Laborer: Humility - Kingdom Laborers humbly submit to God daily and love others with Jesus’ willingness to act in sacrificial ways. Passion - Kingdom Laborers ruthlessly trust and boldly obey Jesus in doing some crazy, out-of-the-box things for love’s sake. Vision - Kingdom Laborers see both the big picture of God’s plan for the world and what God sees in daily activities, conversations, and surroundings. Faith - Kingdom Laborers grow and stretch because they live a life of trust and obedience to God, believing He will do through them what He alone can do. Challenge: Will you “steep” yourself in an up-close, daily relationship with Jesus? Prayer: God, will You keep me humble and increase my passion, vision, and faith? I trust You! Become a Forge Firestarter, and receive your free copy! This devotional excerpt is brought to you from the new, 30-Day Firestarter Devotional. Forge is gifting copies to all Firestarters (new and ongoing monthly financial partners) in appreciation for your long-term partnership. 1 2 3 4