Sound the Trumpet: Long-term Kingdom Impact

Emily Adams

October 6, 2023

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!” – Psalm 100:1 

Discovering God’s YOU-nique plan for our lives is a journey as we grow in relationship with Jesus, and part of that journey for Denver ignited when he was 12 years old. Denver remembers weeping at youth camp as he encountered the living Holy Spirit for the first time through the passion of the Forge speaker. “The speaker preached his guts out and saw no evidence of impact. But I was there.” Denver recalls, “God started to put the Kingdom inside me. When God looks at us, He sees the Kingdom inside of us. I learned that at Forge.” The Forge speaker may not have been able to see God’s work in Denver that day, but seeds were planted. And they would produce long-term Kingdom impact.  

Several years later, Denver had the opportunity to attend a Forge equipping program. He still remembers the last message they received in training. He shares, “It was about the humility and servanthood of Jesus. I’ve not always gotten it right. I’ve failed so many times, but in the midst of traveling, doing music, encouraging the Bride of Christ, whatever it looks like, God has reminded me to never forget that it’s about Him.” Learning this lesson was a foundational truth with which God equipped Denver. Then God launched him into full-time, Kingdom-Laboring ministry. 

Within a year after graduating from Forge equipping, Denver founded “Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.” DMHO is a “Big-Band” orchestral band. They have now been sharing the hope of Jesus across the world for 24 years. “Big-Band is a tiny, tiny market in the big world of music, but it is the tiny spot God has given me to reach people for Him,” Denver remarks. “When the God of the universe calls us to do something, that is what makes it big.

“I once had a guy stand in line for 40 minutes after a concert for an autograph. But then he did not have anything for me to sign. He just wanted to tell me that when I talked about the hope of Christ at this Christmas concert, he had been deciding how he was going to kill himself. And he was saved because God told him there was hope for him that Christmas!” 

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Forge Equipping was a “gamechanger in my life,” Denver notes. “I heard often from Forge that God loves to take the ordinary and do the extraordinary. I might not even be in ministry if I had not attended. My life was going in one direction when I came, and when I walked out, my life was going a different direction.”  

Forge exists to raise up More Kingdom Laborers like Denver who have a long-term impact, multiplying God’s work every day, everywhere.