Forge Equipping

Forge Equipping 2023 –  Serenity Bateman

Dear friends and family,

As you may or may not know, I have been on a journey with Christ since I surrendered my life to Him 5 years ago. I have had many adventures in my short Christian life so far, from the “waking-up-early-to-do-this-bible-study-I-don't-want-to-right-now” days to sharing the gospel with a transgender wicken (long story); from being on stage singing a song, to crying out to Jesus in the dark times. As Jesus and I have walked together, as I have followed Him, our bond has grown. We have a steady love between us fueled by His eternal pursuit of me. I have come to know Him as my God, the True Lover of my soul, and my Friend. Sometimes the true depth of my story and testimony feels like an inside joke only God and I share. When you know all the details, the punch line hits harder. Each time I'm faced with opportunities to grow, every time I see where I am now, I look back at who I was, look back at the moment I said yes to God's plan for my life. I have been given, through the grace of God, so many opportunities to minister to others, share the Gospel with many, and most importantly, get to know Jesus more. And it's all because of Him. Solely Him.

Today, friends and family, I want to invite you into this inside-joke-filled relationship I and the Lord have shared for 5 years. In this next phase of my story, I believe that God is calling me to grow once more in my knowledge of Him, connect with others, and apply His Word practically. He has opened an opportunity for me to go to a discipleship training camp called Forge Equipping.

Forge Equipping is a physically, emotionally, and spiritually intense discipleship adventure hosted by Forge ( It's filled with teaching by Forge Speakers, grueling team building, and outdoor adventures. Our destinations include both urban and rural locations where we will experience a variety of ministry opportunities. The whole process is designed to help me engage Jesus’ mission to those around me in my everyday life and to help others do the same. By supporting me you are getting in on my story and helping me to be a better representative of Jesus. You become a part of the setup for God's plan for me and a part of His punchline: that through my obedience to Him, more people would come to know Him and believe that Jesus is Lord!

So, are you on the edge of your seat yet? Are you eagerly asking, “How can I support you?” Well here's your answer!

1. You can get in that prayer closet of yours! What can you pray for? You can:
-Pray for the Lord's will to be done in my heart and through me in the lives of the people I connect with.
-Pray against any spiritual attacks from the enemy.
-Pray that the Lord would prepare me physically and spiritually.
-Pray that the Lord will provide for every need that arises as I step out in belief and be obedient to His plan.

2. You can well… give me your money. (No, but seriously)
I would ask that you consider partnering with me financially on this adventure. The total cost for this program is $2,600. I am confident that God has much to teach me this summer in and through my training at Forge Equipping and I would ask you to prayerfully consider investing in my life. My fundraising deadline is June 1. If you would like to know more about Forge Equipping please check out the website at If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (720) 237-6871 or email me at

Love y’all.

Serenity Bateman