Report from West Africa

May 4, 2023

“Your prayers are yielding much fruit,” Nathan says as he traveled with a Forge Ambassador Windel, to West Africa! They had three seperate trainings in three different locations and more than 80 people committed their YES to being a Kingdom Laborer! In this region of West Africa, 12% are Christian and Islam makes up 55%, so there is a huge need for more Laborers. Nathan is praising God because more were raised up to proclaim the good news of Jesus. He was able to have some follow up with the Laborers and heard story after story of God moving powerfully. One woman prayed for a muslim family's son who was sick, and days later the boy was healed. Those neighbors came over to hear more about who this Jesus was that healed their boy! Jesus Christ, through his Kingdom Laborers are leading more and more people to Christ here, there, and everywhere! Thank you so much for all your prayers!