Is God Waiting For A Date With You?

Is God Waiting For A Date With You?


A book about developing a close relationship with God

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Is God Waiting for a Date with You? is an invitation and how-to guide to a greater life of intimacy with God. Learn why and how to get up-close with the God who wants to get up-close to you. Discover what “Dates Alone with God" are and how you can engage them, enjoy them, and benefit from them. Even better, learn how to get up-close with God Himself, who invites us, His children, to an intimate relationship with Him!

Is God Waiting for a Date with You? is full of personal stories, practical tips, and easy-to-follow instruction. It's a great resource for personal growth, couples, and even group study. You too can discover what author, Dwight Robertson, found: I decided to be proactive, too, with the most important relationship in my life. I began scheduling times with God on purpose and in advance-and I would guard them on my calendar. I found myself looking forward to these unhurried times. They allowed me to read more…think longer… meditate more deeply on God and His Word…reflect more fully on my life…and talk with God about everything. And I grew. I grew more in my understanding of God and I grew more in my love for Him. The more time I spent with Him, the more I valued what He values, and I loved more like He loves. I had found a simple tool that was bringing transformation to my life: regular dates with God.

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