Many Respond to the Call of Kingdom Laborership

November 15, 2023

Forge Speaker Adrian Despres reports on his time speaking at two different events. The first one was at Camden Military Academy in South Carolina. “All the students were dressed in their military uniforms; everyone was there! It was a wonderful event to watch these students be broken before the LORD and they responded well to the invitation and a significant number of students gave their lives to Christ. Many of the students wanted to be in the first chair as Kingdom Laborers!” The second event was a two-night event at a church in Illinois. “The first night, they weren't ready, it was a sparse crowd, but the Spirit of God hit them and everyone but two people responded in repentance! The second night, there were 4 times the number of people and the church broke a record for the number of people that has ever attended.” Adrian did his “Four Chairs” message and everyone but one or two people wanted to get right with God and become Kingdom Laborers! Wow, how amazing to see God at work in the lives of His people! Let us continue to pray for More Kingdom Laborers here, there, and everywhere!