Make it Count

Santiago Fuentes

July 12, 2023

“Yes, make our efforts successful!” Psalm 90:17

There are occasions that bring to mind the brevity of life and the legacy we will leave behind us when we go to be with Jesus. Funerals, or sitting next to a hospital bed where a family member is fighting to keep breathing are two such occasions. There are also happier times that cause the same effect such as New Year’s Eve, a graduation, or a birthday celebration. In Psalm 90 Moses considers God´s faithfulness, the brevity of human life, and mistakes done in the past and asks God, in light of it all, to “make our efforts successful”.  

Life is short. We should endeavor to make our lives count for something of real value. Only those things that are motivated out of love for God will last. He alone can make our efforts successful and cause them to count for His Kingdom. Love God + love others = eternal results!



How can you deepen your love for God today? How can you show love to a stranger today?