Learning About Laborership


July 5, 2017


Year after year, the doors of Forge Basecamp have been opened and we’ve received hundreds of students. Through prayer, conversation and much anticipation, we are full of joy when we see the arrival of new faces each summer for our Equipping Programs. These program equip Kingdom Laborers for what God has called them to do.


Matthew 9:36-38 is one of our main verses as a ministry…

  • “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.’”

As we take this journey together, let us ask: What does being a Kingdom Laborer really look like?

As believers, we talk about following Jesus, being a laborer for His Kingdom, yet it’s hard to know…

  • What does this mean?
  • What does this look like?  
  • How do we live out Laborership? 

Our programs— Forge Equipping, Deep Camp, Detour, “Plan A” Conferences, and others —all seek to equip Kingdom Laborers through a myriad of means, from Speaker sessions and Resources to hands-on ministry equipping  and plenty more. 

So we wanted to give YOU a behind the scenes look at Forge Basecamp and what Laborer Equipping really looks like! As we share what our students are learning about becoming Kingdom Laborers, we pray you’ll learn with us, ask yourself hard questions and begin answering what being a Kingdom Laborer means for you.


– Intimacy with God—At the core of everything is a close relationship with God… the Father, son Jesus and Holy Spirit!

  • We’ll see what it looks like to study God’s Word and have it dwell in us
  • We’ll talk about setting aside time to just BE WITH God
  • We’ll learn how to listen and not quench the Spirit within us
  • We’ll learn how to get out of our own way through confession, forgiveness, etc.

– Igniting Passion—In our Matthew 9 verse above, it says Jesus had compassion for the crowds… people like you and me. With Jesus’ compassion for us, we discover how deeply His love calls us to have a passion to love others as we are  loved.

  • We’ll ask, “Who does your heart break for?” and “Who are you willing to love at all costs?”
  • We’ll ask God to give us His eyes for the people we encounter every day
  • We’ll hear and be encouraged by individuals’ stories of living out The Great Commission

– Growing Together—There’s a reason our logo for Deep Camp is a tree – we encourage everyone to grow deeper roots of faith through journeying with community.

  • We’ll see what it looks like to grow authentically as a community
  • We’ll see multi-generational mentorship up close
  • We’ll learn more how to grow together and never do it alone

– Mobilizing for Mission—What is Jesus’ response after having compassion for the crowds? He asked His disciples, everyday people just like US, to pray and go! Kingdom Laborers live lives of everyday ministry—in corporate offices, faraway countries, neighborhoods—sparking Kingdom movement wherever they go. Filled with God’s love, Kingdom Laborers live with Hearts on Fire and Lives on Purpose for His Kingdom!

  • We’ll learn how to walk in the Spirit and not simply see, but engage in our everyday places
  • We’ll hear about our YOUnique ministry as God’s Kingdom Laborers and how we have a specific purpose to spread God’s Kingdom
  • We’ll take a behind the scenes look at Forge Life Planning!

We are excited and expectant for all that God has planned for those who are answering the call to become Kingdom Laborers. Are you ready to deepen your walk with God and widen His impact through you? Check out our resources here.