Laborers Multiplying in East Africa

Q4 2023 Forge Newsletter

November 7, 2023

Laborers Multiplying More than 2,100 Laborers joined Jesus’ every day, everywhere Kingdom cause in East Africa through several "Life ON Purpose" Conferences! Various participants joyfully shared: “Many times I’ve waited for a golden opportunity or an organized event to share the word of God, but I’ve learned I should see every place as an opportunity to do God’s work. So, today I’m repenting and asking that God will forgive me for the many opportunities that I’ve missed to share Jesus because I’ve waited for an organized conference, crusade, or church meeting. Now I will use every opportunity to be a Laborer!” “I’ve attended many conferences. But, for the first time ever, this conference has been an ear and eye opener for me. We have made it a one man “leadership” show—but anyone can be a Laborer!” One man shared his God-story testimony as an example during the training. Immediately an audience member responded, walking out of his chair to give his life to Jesus! The man who shared, burst into tears, hardly believing God could use him! In addition to the conferences, a 4-night Forge Fest Evangelistic Event saw nearly 20,000 people come, and 4,890 respond for salvation! The impact in each individual life all along the way is hard to describe. Even our driver shared that his life would never be the same, simply due to spending time with the Forge team. He decided to commit his life to every day Laborership and was baptized by the team—in a cow trough in the bush! Discover More and Donate to support the global movement at: (Donating in other currencies is also available now at