Laborers in Mexico Called to International Missions

April 2, 2024

Forge Speaker Nathan Burd reports on his time speaking with Forge Speaker Santiago Fuentes in Mexico City, “God did some incredible things! We traveled from church to church, in and around Mexico City, preaching the Laborership message. MANY people heard that message and responded. Many shared a specific person they want to be a laborer to, in addition to just being a laborer, day to day, week to week.”

Nathan and Santy then put on a missions conference, and God moved powerfully again, “80% of the people in attendance felt God prompting them to do something about international missions,” Nathan said.

Thank you so much for praying! We're praising God for all that He's doing and all that He did. Please keep praying for those new laborers in Mexico, that they would continue in their commitment that they made, and that they would really be Jesus' hands and feet.