It’s My Turn

Q1 2024 Forge Newsletter

April 8, 2024

It's my turn to embrace my unique role in God’s Kingdom!

Susanna Wesley provides living proof that fame and high-profile ministry aren’t necessary to impact countless others for the Kingdom in ever widening, domino-ripple-effect ways. She raised ten children to become men and women of God; the two most notable being John, the itinerant preacher, and Charles, the musician. Susanna’s purpose was clear:

Susanna scheduled weekly, one-on-one time with every child, and when they left home, she faithfully corresponded with them through frequent letters.

She made it her rule “never to spend more time in any matter of mere recreation in one day than spent in private religious duties.” Susanna knew that to serve others and love well required up-close time with God. John Wesley called her the greatest influence in his life. The self-examination and methodical practice of holiness he saw in his mother’s life became hallmarks of the Methodist movement he founded. Charles Wesley wrote more than 6,000 hymns, many still sung in worship all around the world.

This devotional excerpt is brought to you from the pages of It’s My Turn. The unusual adventures of twenty world-changing laborers will inspire, stretch, and challenge you!