Forge Equipping

Forge Equipping 2023 – Isaiah Smith

Hello friends and family,

I hope that you are well! Thank you in advance for time. I am eager to share with you about an upcoming opportunity I have to be a part of a summer discipleship program called Forge Equipping.

This journey began when my girlfriend, who had heard about Forge through her university, told me about the opportunity. We talked a lot about how this program could help me to discern what God may be leading me to in the next part of my life. 

Another big part of this decision is where I have been in my Christian life up to this point. I'm fully open to admitting that I am just now starting to take that relationship with God seriously.

Throughout my whole life I just said I was a Christian, and assumed I was, because of my context. I figured that I was a Christian because of the household I was raised in, going to a Christian high school, and going to church. I never gave my relationship with God too much thought or meaning. That was until about a year and a half ago. At that time, for the first time ever, I began to take my relationship with God seriously.  Ever since I have continued to want to take Him more seriously. I guess you could say I'm kind of late to the train, but thankfully I didn’t miss it all together! It is really important to me that I continue to grow in making my faith real. I always want to be practicing a deep relationship with God.

When I heard about Forge Equipping, I sensed God asking me to take a big step of faith and join the program. This has already been a stretch for me, and I am looking forward to all the ways God will grow me this summer.

In order to take part in this discipleship program, I need your help. First, would you consider praying for me? I would really appreciate any prayer support you might offer. Also, I need people who may be willing to partner with me financially. I don’t want anyone to feel any pressure to give. Anything helps. I just want you to know that you are a blessing to me.

Thank you so much for your time and even reading this!

-Isaiah Smith