Forge Equipping

Forge Equipping 2023 – Igor Silva

Hello friends and family,

I hope you are doing well. Thank you in advance for your time! I am eager to share with you about an upcoming opportunity I have to take part in a discipleship program called Forge Equipping.

I am really excited for this opportunity to be equipped to do the works God has called me to do and to be able to learn more about my ministry and how to apply it! God is so good and I am so thankful to serve Him by serving the community I am a part of. Forge Equipping has been in my heart for some time, since I came to CIU and found out about it. My friends who have been a part of it have reported so many good things, especially how God worked in their lives through it. I am more than excited to be taking part in this program this summer! It takes place here in South Carolina! I believe that through Forge Equipping God will activate me into evangelism, the ministry He has called me to. I believe this program is going to impact my future forever. I'll be learning how to be a disciple that makes disciples of all nations! I want to be a part of what God is doing. Acts 1:8 & 2 Tim 4:5.

Forge Equipping is a physically, emotionally, and spiritually intense discipleship adventure hosted by Forge ( It's filled with teaching by Forge Speakers, team building, and outdoor adventures. Our destinations include both urban and rural locations where we will experience a variety of ministry opportunities. The whole  process is designed to help me engage Jesus’ mission to those around me in my everyday life and to help others do the same.

This is an amazing opportunity filled with exciting ministry and intensive training! I am not sure exactly what to expect, but I'm eager to join God's plan for me this summer. Whatever it is, I will only be able to experience it with the help of others. My first request is that you pray for me as I prepare for this summer discipleship training mission.

1) Pray that the Lord will prepare me spiritually and physically.

2) Pray for the Lord's will to be done in my heart and through me in the lives of the people I connect with

3) Pray that the Lord will provide for every need that arises as I step out in believing obedience to His plan.

Secondly, I would ask that you consider partnering with me financially in this adventure. The total cost for this program is $1,800. I am confident that God has much to teach me this summer in and through my training at Forge Equipping, and I would ask you to prayerfully consider investing in my life. My fundraising deadline is June 1. If you would like to know more about Forge Equipping please check out the website at

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 803-955-6959 or email me at

Thank you so much!