Incredible Response in Detroit, Michigan

April 26, 2023

Charlie Marq shares about his time in Detroit, MI! “It was powerful. I witnessed scores of people coming to the front to give their lives to Christ.” Husbands and wives came up together to surrender all to Jesus! Over 20 said YES to Jesus for the first time and around 80 recommitted because they have been lukewarm! Others were set free from demonic influence and shame in order to live out the calling Jesus has for them! During that weekend, Charlie had the opportunity to share with the youth and he talked about how to share your God story! After, a young lady shared her God story with two women who hadn't been in a church for a long time… later that night, one of those women gave their life to Christ! An older gentleman said, “My life is changed!” A pastor with tears in his eyes said, ” I really needed that message.” Thank you; this message of the Gospel is reaching every generation because of your powerful prayers and by the Spirit!