God Really Broke Out

July 22, 2023

Adrian Despres reports about his time on the road the past two weeks! In Michigan, he spoke at an event that he first spoke at 20-30 years ago, so it was awesome for him to be back. He says that, “Revival broke out there and it's fun to watch a lot of people who were broken before the LORD, repenting of their sins and surrendering their lives to Christ.” His next event was a football camp in south Georgia. “I spoke three times a day here. Once to the coaches and then twice to the players and by the third night, it really broke out. I mean they were kind of a tough crowd for the first two nights. Not responding much and not laughing at my jokes. I guess they're not funny… anyways, it turned out that the third night, the spirit of God really broke out and they all wept. The coaches all came up to me said thank you so much and they were all hugging each other…. Thank you so much for praying. You guys are the best!”