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Giving God

your weaknesses

Trevor was born four months premature and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He was given no hope of being able to walk or talk and was expected to live a short life. The odds were stacked against him. He had a grade 3 brain bleed, went septic, had severe jaundice, his lungs had collapsed a total of 3 times and most of his organs were underdeveloped.

By a miracle of God, he survived and spent 3 months in the NICU before going home. By the time he was 2 years old, he had started walking with a walker. By the time he was 4, he had started using forearm crutches. Then at age 6, after years of treatments and surgeries, Trevor was finally able to walk independently without any assistance.  

Trevor is now 26 years old and recently graduated God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio with a BA in Biblical and Theological studies. He is also the founder of a non-profit organization called God’s Abled that has a mission to help individuals with special needs reach their God given potential.

About Trevor

Trevor is the author of “Victorious: On and Beyond the Mat” and a children’s book, “Perfectly and Wonderfully Made”. In addition, he also advocates for people affected by disability.

In 2017, God called Trevor to preach the Gospel as an Evangelist and had his first speaking engagement at age 19. Trevor is passionate about preaching the Gospel to the lost and challenging christians to live a life fully surrendered to Christ.

His niche however, is sharing his testimony and challenging others to give God their weaknesses so that He can use that weakness for His glory as 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “His strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Trevor is currently serving as lead pastor at Pleasant Ridge Church. His desire is to serve in God’s Kingdom effectively!

Evangelism is the heartbeat of Trevor’s ministry and through the Firebrand program his end goal is to do the work of an evangelist!

To experience God’s

power working in your life, give Him your weaknesses.

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