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Matt loves facing big challenges, especially on his bike! The question for most of Matt’s life has not been if to ride but which direction! Matt became a Christian as a teenager, but he spent a portion of his adult life riding away from God. His wandering led him down some aimless trails. Like search and rescue, though, God rode out to meet Matt, restoring his wandering heart. God re-ignited Matt’s passion and equipped him for work in the Kingdom. 

No longer aimless, Matt’s ongoing prayer is “Lord, I just want to be useful to You!”. Matt is an active, passionate, service-driven leader and laborer in his workplace, church, and daily life. Matt's desire is to always be ready. He is driven to take on big challenges in whatever life-arena he finds himself, holding a bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Phoenix and a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Matt recently answered the King’s call to leave a 24 year career in financial services in order to serve as the President of Rocky Mountain Foundation. RMF equips and encourages churches big and small to reach and raise up kingdom laborers in the harvest fields where they are at. 

About Matt

Matt’s life changed because of God's invitation to get on the narrow path. Now Matt is extending that same invitation to anyone he’s with: “God's trail is not always easy, but it is the one trail worth riding!”

Matt and his wife, Mary, have been married 20+ years and have five children. Their family has a passion for the outdoors (especially the Colorado ones!) and serving their community and local church. Matt enjoys endurance sports and trains regularly for Xterra triathlons and other mountain bike races.

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