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Joe has always been the type of person who wants to figure out how things work. It's been true in almost every part of his life–that is except for his spirituality. When it came to learning about spiritual things, his past “church hurt” made him search for meaning in all the wrong places. Joe fell into a rut that led to substance abuse, pain, and no fulfillment. That dull life was not going anywhere, so after hitting rock bottom he sought out something he had written off all together– the Bible! He had to know if Jesus was real, and so an investigation began. Joe started by listening to debates on the existence of God. Christians seemed to do a great job defending their faith, which was surprising to Joe. These articulate arguments led Joe to take a deeper look at Christian apologetics. He even began to read the verses in the Bible mentioned by these apologists. Little did he know that learning God's Word was drawing him near to God. What started out as an intellectual exercise became a transformative work, and eventually he was convicted of his sin, saw his need for a savior, and turned to the Lord to repent and ask for a truth-filled life. Reading Matthew 7:7-14 was the tipping point, as Joe pleaded with the Lord to help him leave the road of destruction and walk through the narrow gate. Now, there is a fire that burns in his heart and bones for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he wants to share it with everyone!

About Joe

Joe grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and moved to southern California with his family in 2008, still living in the area. He comes from a background in mathematics having attended UCLA, and has worked as a private tutor and financial accountant. But most recently he has taken on a role at a funeral home, where he can share the good news of hope found in Christ’s sacrifice with those being confronted with the reality of the wages of sin. 

In his free time he enjoys playing chess and taking his dog on walks to enjoy God’s creation! In addition to serving his local church and community, Joe has ministered in México and Kenya, calling others to become warriors of God, and Laborers for Christ. He would love to serve you, and unleash the fire that God’s Word sparked within him! 

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