Enrique Castillo


A song in his heart and good news on his lips

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Passionate about

people knowing Jesus intimately

A song in his heart and good news on his lips. That’s how some describe Enrique who also goes by “Ricky.” Ricky shares Jesus with audiences of all sizes, ages, and settings through music and speaking. He is passionate about people knowing Jesus intimately and discovering the fullness of all God has for them. Ricky believes everyone has a story to share and discover, and he’s not shy about letting others know God is the best story writer, teller, and finisher… bar none.

God has shaped Enrique with a beautiful story of his own. Enrique’s been sharing his gifts of music and testimony since 7th grade. He’s traveled with his own band for over fifteen years, served as a missionary in Romania, helped plant a church, led worship for numerous congregations, and has been a frequent speaker on college campuses. In it all, God has uniquely gifted Enrique to challenge, equip, and encourage believers to live with passion and purpose for God’s Kingdom.

About Enrique

Enrique was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Currently, Enrique and his wife, Sarah, live in Columbia, South Carolina along with their three children (two sons, one daughter) and wonder dog, Skye. 

In addition to rocking it out musically, Enrique is rumored to rock a skateboard too. In his own words, “Believe it or not, I can still do a few tricks at my age without throwing out my back.”

Travels from
south carolina

Knowing God

and making him known

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