Dwight Robertson

Forge Speaker

Championing Jesus’ mission of more kingdom laborers

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Igniting hearts on fire

and lives on purpose

Great news for anyone wanting their life to make an impact—God wants that for you too! When it comes to God’s plan and the power of His spiritual multiplication method, Dwight Robertson’s desire is for every person to discover God’s multiplying math begins with a factor of one: YOU!

You matter to God! And your intimacy with Him is the greatest gift (and offers the highest impact) you can ever offer the world. As you embrace the up-close, forging presence of God in your life, He will lead and empower you to live a high-impact life of YOUnique Kingdom laborership in your everyday world. Dwight’s mission is to help you get started in running this race marked out for YOU!

About Dwight

In 1986, Dwight responded to God’s call to travel by faith as an itinerant speaker, produce real-world equipping programs, and provide hands-on spiritual development resources for emerging Kingdom laborers. Today, an expansive team of Itinerant Speakers travel the world igniting hearts on fire and lives on purpose. Supporting the Forge Speaking Team is a dedicated Basecamp Administrative Staff, fervent Daily Prayer Workers, and faithful Financial Partners. Forge continues to challenge and equip Kingdom laborers worldwide with laborers on every continent who serve effectively in their everyday places in every facet and sphere of society.

Dwight has authored a number of books (You are God’s Plan A and There is No Plan B, Forged by Fire, and Is God Waiting for a Date with You?) all aimed at helping Christians discover God’s unique and distinct design for them to daily love God and others in practical and transformational ways.

Dwight and his wife, Dawn, live in Denver and have two married children and five grandchildren.

“God has a plan for

loving and reaching the world…

and it's you!”