Apprenticeship Program

Training up the Next Generation of Itinerant Speakers & Evangelists


What is Itinerant Speaking?

Part of Jesus’ unique style of ministry was journeying from place to place (itinerant ministry), sharing the good news of the Kingdom and sparking movements of disciples to live with hearts on fire and lives on purpose. God’s vision and calling has not stopped. Neither has the effectiveness of His methods. That’s why Forge continues to cultivate and equip a new generation of itinerant proclaimers.
Equipping a New Generation

for Itinerant Ministry

Our apprentice-based training program seeks to equip a new generation of itinerant speakers and evangelists who will follow in Jesus’ footsteps — challenging, equipping, and calling for spiritual decisions. This program aims to:

Provide the opportunity for an accredited Master’s Degree, while walking alongside participants to discern ministry calling and itinerant ministry fit.

Facilitate holistic growth of a heart shaped by God, and discover the impact of “heart-on-fire” itinerants throughout history!
Develop unique gifting
and skillsets including: evangelistic preaching, proclamation that challenges, equips, and calls for spiritual decisions; up-close, off-stage impact; and ministry that fuels a movement of laborers.

Launch graduates into a lifestyle of itinerant ministry that both proclaims the good news and also multiplies the movement by raising up more Kingdom laborers around the world.

A message from our Founder

about the Forge Firebrand Program:

The power of Firebrands

What is a Firebrand?

A firebrand is a tiny, coal-like ember that can easily rest on a fingertip. But don’t let its size fool you. Though small, it is incredibly powerful. Seed-sized firebrands can be equally as dangerous as out-of-control blazes. When carried by the wind, they wield potential for spawning new fires for miles in every direction!

Forge believes in the power of firebrands: unrelenting, contagious, fire-starting agents emboldened and directed by the Holy Spirit. God has launched powerful movements through traveling firebrands historically and He continues to do so today!

Following the Master

in Apprenticeship-Style
Life-on-Life Training

The Forge Firebrand program utilizes a training model similar to the one Jesus employed with His disciples: apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a relational exchange of passion and skill between master craftsman (expert) and journeyman (expert in training). Unlike a strictly academic environment, apprenticeship goes far beyond simply transferring information or training technique. Apprenticeship involves ongoing relational exchange, where every domain of life is examined and open for development.

As such, Firebrands in training will draw up close to Forge Speakers and Staff who have decades of experience both in itinerant ministry and in following the Master-Trainer himself: Jesus. Our program provides space and opportunity for each Firebrand to deepen intimacy with The Master, expand skills for travel ministry and preaching, and confirm their unique calling. All of this happens through apprenticeship-style-along-the-way instruction, experiential learning, traditional study, purposeful relationships, Kingdom community and consistent review and evaluation.

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Hear from Those Who Have Gone Before

The Forge Firebrand Program equipped me with the confidence and skills to effectively call others to deeper relationship with Christ as an itinerant speaker. This group has become a like- minded family to me — one with desire to be a part of Christ’s mission for the world.

Michaela Wickham

The community that the Firebrand program has to offer is the difference maker. Men and women who have been pursuing God’s call of itinerant ministry for years going on mission together. There’s nothing better.

Britton Bishop

The Forge Firebrand program has equipped me to be an itinerant speaker for the long haul. The mentorship, skill development, and challenges that the program offers helped me to grow as a follower of Jesus, itinerant preacher, and mobilizer of Kingdom Laborers.

Nicholas Hindes

Firebrand Characteristics

Do you have what it takes
 to be an itinerant speaker?

“What it takes” begins in the center of the diagram — a deep desire to authentically and passionately love God and people. A right heart leads outward in the diagram to right character (or internal realities)—a life continually marked and growing in humility, calling, integrity, and anointing. Right internal realities lead to fruitful outward expression as God gives and develops gifts and skills useful for the service of itinerant ministry.

The diagram documents what Forge is looking for in itinerant speakers and what our training focuses on developing.

Is God stirring your 

heart to pursue itinerant ministry?

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See what God will do with your life as you live into your unique calling!