Are you ready to be challenged?

Detour will take you off the beaten path to fully embrace Jesus and engage his mission to reach the lost in your everyday life and to the ends of the earth. Detour is a 5-day training filled with team building, teaching, and adventure designed to get you outside your comfort zone, outside your norms, and simply… outside. Detour will challenge you to follow Jesus no matter the people, the place, or the cost. Detour is open to anyone who is ready to embrace this challenge!

Where & When


If your group has at least 5 individuals interested in Detour, please apply now and we can discuss a custom date!

The Detour Experience

Training Testimonies

Through Detour I gained more confidence in my ability to share the gospel. I’ve also realized the importance of memorizing Scripture to fight truth battles. I feel ready and fired up to go home and share the Jesus with confidence. He can use me no matter how broken I think I am.


I came to Detour hoping to get a next step. And I’ve realized someone needs to go to the unreached. I see the need. So I’m taking that as my sign. Someone needs to go.


Shame fell off me one step at a time during a prayer walk. I feel 40 pounds lighter. Detour has been a journey of finding my voice, rather than sitting back and not engaging. God has called me back into the mission field... to the Middle East.


Detour Details

What You'll Experience:

Powerful messages, practical equipping for world-impact, exposure to the needs of the unreached, outdoor adventure, and challenging team-building


$350.00 / person (includes everything 
after arrival)


what to bring:

Bible | Journal | Clothes and shoes for various weather conditions that you don't mind getting dirty | Camping and survival gear

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