4 Tips for Enjoying Time with God

Michaela Wickham

July 1, 2024

Enjoying time with God is not meant to be a checkmark on a list or a chore for us to complete. It is something that should fill us up and give us life! 

Growing up, there was one day I always looked forward to. It wasn’t a holiday or a birthday, and it didn’t happen on any particular day of the week. I never knew when it would happen, but when it did, it held memories that I still hold on to! 

This day was date day with Dad! A day where my father and I got to spend time with just us two. Each date was different, filled with new adventures or mixed with favorite places to eat. These were some of my most anticipated times, but not because of all the fun we had. What made it truly the best day was that I was with my father, who loved me. My dad and I, being present together, without distraction, was what made it special. Sometimes, he would have things all planned out, but other times he would get in the car, look at me, and say, “So, what do you want to do?” 

Did you know that God actually wants to spend time with us like this as well? Yes! It is true. In the beginning, God perfectly crafted a garden where He could walk with man. We were made to spend time with Him! And guess what? We were meant to enjoy it! Can you imagine that? God who made us also wants to BE WITH US. Without expectation, only presence. So, what does it look like to fully enjoy your time with God? Here are 4 tips to enjoying time with God! 

1. Enjoying Time with God: Do things that fill you up and give you life. 

Time with God is meant to be life-giving, so do not feel boxed in by it having to look a certain way. God walks with us, and He enjoys doing what you enjoy. Enjoying time with God can be an adventure! Maybe it looks like a hike in the mountains, a day at the pool, or a ride on the city train to a destination you have never been before. It can look like sitting on a front porch with a nice cup of coffee or in your local cafe.  

Some of my most favorite experiences enjoying time with God have been wandering through His creation and taking in all that He has made. Maybe you have a favorite restaurant or one you have not been to in a while. Or maybe music is what sparks your passion, and you want to worship through music. Go on adventures with God and see what He might show you!  

2. Enjoying Time with God: Find a place that is “away”!  

Down the road from where I work, there is a beautiful property set aside for solitude with God. People come from all over for walking the acres of outdoor property in prayer and enjoying time with God alone in prayer cabins to reflect and silence their hearts before Him. It is a place many find themselves often. Whether they are seeking the Lord on something specific or simply just spending time with Him, this space is always open to anyone who is searching for the Lord.  

Sometimes they may find themselves in a small cabin, candlelit, sitting in a comfortable chair with a blanket. Other times they may find a spot by the creek where all you hear is the running water, birds, and the rustling of wind blowing through the trees. It is a sanctuary of sorts, where anyone who wants to seek the Lord is welcome.  

Finding a place where you can get away and be found by God is always helpful. Luke describes that “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” (Luke 5:16). Find a place like this retreat, where you can find solitude. You may need a space where there are no other people around, or you may find that being in spaces that have a hustle and bustle gives a unique quietness—but the goal is enjoying time with God.  

3. Enjoying Time with God: Talk to God and listen too! 

We may read Scripture, but sometimes we must let it read us. That is the heart of the author of Psalm 139 when they say, “Search my heart God and know if there is any grievous way in me.” The author knows that this will lead in the way that is everlasting. In our time with God, it is good for us to talk through what is on our hearts and minds. However, God desires to speak to His sheep as well. And He has written a whole love letter to tell us of His love.  

Sometimes in our time with God, we do not stop talking long enough for Him to get a word in. Let Him speak to you as you are enjoying time with God. Take a physical position of receiving and let yourself hear God through His word and His voice. Meditate on Scripture that may stick out to you or choose to memorize a verse that God has spoken to you. Some may write a letter to God, but have you ever allowed God to write a letter to you? These are all great ways to position yourself to listen.  

4. Enjoying Time with God: There is nothing wrong with a kickstart! 

There are plenty of resources available to help you dive into enjoying time with God. Maybe you grab a book that helps challenge you to dive into God’s Word. Maybe you pick up the Forge resource Is God Waiting for a Date with You? to find some ideas on what it looks like to have a date with the Lord.  

There are plenty of authors who have written about specific themes or books of the Bible that could help you to gain a new perspective or understanding. If you are a person that enjoys music, that could be a good kickstart as well. Turn on worship music that turns your heart toward the Lord. Sometimes I need some guidance in my time with Him so that I am not as easily distracted and can focus on enjoying time with God.  

No matter how you meet with the Lord, know that He delights in time with you and is always willing to meet you. When God says, “So, what do you want to do?” know that can look exactly like YOU, with no expectations other than being present with your Father and enjoying time with God.