Encouraging Virtual Event on Leader-Laborership

May 26, 2023

Dwight Robertson reports on a great 2-hour virtual event with Hungry Hearts from Texas and Michigan. The attendees were in a course on Leadership, but Dwight spoke about Leader-Laborership. Dwight reports, “They began sharing their dreams at my invitation and as I listened, their hearts are burdened about all walks of life in varied ages. It was just so soul stirring to me to look in their faces all throughout those two hours and see the intentionality of their hearts to learn and and to live into God's plans for their lives.” This brought up in Dwight a sweet remembrance of the last 37 years of God's faithfulness towards the mission of Forge. Forge started with only $5 out of a little garage on the back side of an alley! Dwight encouraged them that little is much when God is in it! They asked Dwight at the end of the two hours to pray over them. Praise the Lord for this incredible opportunity!