Columbia International University Retreat Impact Report

February 1, 2024

Forge Founder and Speaker Dwight Robertson reports on his time with Forge Speaker Santiago Fuentes as they both spoke at a Weekend Grad Student and Staff Retreat for Columbia International University. “Wow, the LORD was so faithful. This is the second year they did this and it was put together by one of our Forge Alumni. People from all walks of life who are finishing counseling degrees, business degrees, people from all professions!” Throughout the weekend, intimacy with God was the topic as it's the greatest gift they can give the world! They also explained to them what a Kingdom Laborer is and how Jesus established a vision for us! At the end of the weekend, the charge was to raise up More Kingdom Laborers and hands flew up around the room! Praise God for doing what only He can do — igniting hearts on fire and setting lives on purpose!