How Can You Know God Is Trustworthy?

Adrian Despres

May 13, 2024

Knowing God is trustworthy is a process, and you will grow in understanding God’s trustworthiness through time as you learn to trust and obey Him! The more we practice trusting and obeying Him, the more we will see and experience His trustworthiness!!!  

But first, to know God is trustworthy, we need to establish that God exists.

How do we know that God exists?

Many people believe because their parents do. When you grow up in Christianity, there is a tendency to believe without truly knowing that it is true. I think that may be why the national average for students who grow up in church and are no longer found in church by the time they get to college is 92%.  

I don’t believe because my parents do or because it is the culture I grew up in. I believe because of the facts behind Christianity! 

Dr. Donald Coffey from John’s Hopkins University said that the chances of lightning producing DNA is impossible. He said DNA must have been produced by a higher power. He pointed to Genesis 1:1 to show that it takes God to create DNA. DNA is too intricate and detailed to have been made by accident. He even said that it would be impossible for the DNA of an ape to mutate to become the DNA of a human.  

I asked Dr Coffey after the presentation if he was a Christian and he said, “No, I just think that science should be honest about this stuff!!” Therefore, DNA proves that God exists. We cannot have order out of disorder without a higher order creating the order!! 

We can know God exists because of the complexity of creation!

How do we know that Jesus is God?

The next step is to validate that Jesus is God’s Son and equal with God. Jesus claims to be equal with God (John 10:30). One of three things must be true if someone makes a claim to be God: 

  1. He is a liar.
  2. He is a lunatic.
  3. He is Lord.

How can we prove that Jesus is God?

Only God can do miracles, so did Jesus do any miracles? You cannot prove a miracle using scientific methods because you cannot reproduce a miracle. However, how would you prove George Washington was the president of the USA? You cannot reproduce it scientifically. You must use another technique to prove it true. It is called the legal historical method.  

We use this method in trials. You prove something is true by using witnesses. There is one miracle that Jesus did that validates His deity. It is His resurrection from the dead. We know that Jesus rose from the dead because all the disciples except John died a martyr’s death saying they SAW Jesus risen from the dead. They were willing to give up their lives because they believed He was God! 

Even the one disciple that did not die a martyr’s death, John, was almost killed by people trying to dip him in boiling oil, but God spared him, and he later wrote the book of Revelation! 

We can know Jesus is God because of the witness of His disciples!  

Okay, so now that we know God exists, and that Jesus is God, how can we know that God is trustworthy?

We know God is trustworthy by studying His Word!

The more you study and understand God’s Word, the easier it will be for you to trust God. In Matthew 28:20, Jesus says that He will be with us always. 

We know God is trustworthy by experiencing His faithfulness in our lives! 

Early in our ministry, we committed to give the profits from our next two painting jobs (our business) to our ministry to help move from Indiana to Denver. We did not know that the next two jobs I was going to do would be the biggest jobs we had ever done.  

We were always on a tight budget, and it was November (getting ready for Christmas). We felt like the Lord had led us to give that money, so we gave without hesitation. Cheerfully! The next day, a friend of mine asked me how I got paid. I told him that I am an evangelist and that I got paid for doing that.  

He laughed and said that he knew I was a youth evangelist and there was no money in that. Again, he asked me how I got paid. Up to that point in our ministry, my wife and I had never made our needs known. Finally, I said that I am supposed to raise support. He said, “Finally!!!” and walked off.

The next day he handed me a check for the same exact amount that we gave to our ministry, down to the 50-cent mark. My wife and I have many stories like that throughout our preaching career. God is faithful. You can trust Him!! 

We know God is trustworthy by obeying Him!

When you obey the Word of God, you can know the fulness of God’s Spirit. Obedience is directly linked to love. Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love Me then you will obey My commands.”  

1 John 5:3 says, “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.” How can a command not be a burden? We are taught most of our lives that obedience is a burden.  

Do you remember the feeling you had when you were asked to clean up your room? Did it not feel like a monster just jumped on your back? Obedience was a burden while we were growing up.  

Often people transfer that concept into our walk with Jesus. We look at obedience as the same type of burden. Many have even said that the key to the Christian life is not about obedience but about a relationship. But a relationship without obedience is not a very good one.  

Don’t get me wrong, Jesus wants a relationship with everyone. That is very important. However, to grow in that relationship requires obedience. Obedience is not a burden if we love Jesus and obey His Words. Loving Jesus is the secret to knowing that God is trustworthy!!!!!

We know God is trustworthy by practicing over time!

This is a process, and you will grow in understanding God’s trustworthiness through time as you learn to trust and obey!! It takes time.   

Once, I was trying to build a brick wall 2 feet high and 12 feet wide. It was ugly. My mortar was a mess. It took me two full days. UGH!! Down the street, a brick mason bricked up the whole front of a house in one day!!! What was the difference?  

He practiced and got better.  

This is the secret to understanding that God is trustworthy. The more we practice trusting and obeying His Word, the more we will see and experience his trustworthiness!!! 

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