Bibles Successfully Smuggled into Somalia

Q4 2023 Forge Newsletter

November 7, 2023

Never Done Before For the first time ever, Bibles have successfully been smuggled into modern day Somalia Typically, anyone caught following Jesus or holding a Bible in Somalia will be executed. You might wonder: Can’t they use their phones? Unfortunately, not really. Anyone who passes through Al Shabaab terrorist checkpoints will have their apps and history checked; not to mention, the government often monitors phone activity. Therefore, Back to Jerusalem (a ministry of the underground Chinese Church) partnered with Forge to provide “secret, hidden” Bibles for Somali believers. While we cannot share exactly what they look like for security purposes, we can tell you the Bibles have successfully landed and are already impacting lives, Thanks to your prayer and support! Persecution Rising Forge Ambassadorscontinue to labor on the ground inside Pakistan: reaching the lost, making disciples, and multiplying the Laborership movement! In fact, when they recently distributed Bibles: 15,000 people gained access to God’s Word, 20,000 heard the Good News, and 167 have believed so far! Various teams have been mobilized, engaging 0% Christian people groups. Among them, a good number have been baptized, leaving Islam to follow Jesus! HIS Kingdom is advancing mightily in darkness. Yet, the darkness is not thrilled. Recently, mobs attacked Christians, their homes, and their church gatherings in Pakistan. Nearly 100 believers inside the Forge Ambassador network were affected—losing their homes and some even more. Various ones were wounded, and one even lost his life. Pray for God’s strength and nearness to sustain Forge Ambassadors who are often isolated and lonely as they labor, day after day in places of drastic need. You can support these believers and the global movement at the link below.