Becoming a Kingdom Laborer:

An Ambassador for Christ

A Forge Video Series to Help You Live a Life of Significant Impact

Let Forge help you discover how to…

A heart with rays of light coming out of it.

Be transformed and allow God
to use your unique gifts for His kingdom

A spark icon.

Spark the passion within you
to advance God’s kingdom wherever you are. 

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 Live a life of purpose, making an incredible impact
through your unique God-given gifts and talents!

Every day, Everywhere!

You Aren't Alone on Your Adventure!

In this 5-video series, learn how to…

Nathan Burd holding the Bible talking on stage.

Connect with God in prayer

Talk with others about God

Share how Jesus changed your life

Bring God’s Kingdom to earth

Receive more of what God has for you

You are God’s “Plan A.” Have a heart on fire and live your life on purpose.

You want to run the race marked out for you, and Forge wants to help.

Get the 5-Video Series.
Run the Race and Experience
the Freedom God Has for You! 

Jesus wants to shepherd you into living a life of high impact.
Request immediate access to all 5-videos today through text, email, or both! 

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