Are You This Crazy in Love?

Adrian Despres

February 8, 2023
I'll become more undignified than this!”  2 Samuel 6:22


I’ve just given you a picture of Christians who are sitting in the first chair. They’re crazy in love with Jesus. They go to extremes to show Him how much they love Him. And they’re willing to change anything and everything to please Him.


I think the psalmist David understood this kind of crazy love. He was so in love with God that he danced around the streets without any clothes on! And when his wife questioned him about his behavior, he said, “I’ll become even more undignified than this!” (2 Samuel 6:22).


Now, I’m not suggesting that you totally follow David’s example. (For one thing, it’s against the law to run around the streets naked.) But are you willing to go to extremes to express your love for God? Or are you too concerned about what other people think to show that you’re crazy in love with Him?


First-chair Christians have a love for Jesus that shows in all areas of their lives.




What crazy thing have you done for God, lately?

Talk to God about one step you can take this week to love Him more.

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