Alexis Deason

Hi friends & family, here is a life update!

As a part time Forge staff member, I’ve got an incredible opportunity to be on mission for God’s Kingdom. This summer, I will be traveling with Forge to advance God’s Kingdom through discipleship training and several mission trips.

As part of my time this summer I will be traveling to South Carolina, Colorado, and East Africa.

In South Carolina and Colorado I will be helping to facilitate Forge's summer training.

In East Africa we will be: bringing secret Bibles for a Muslim region that has never had Bibles before, facilitating a 20,000 person crusade, feeding villages in the midst of famine, and sharing the gospel in areas that have no believers yet.

Please pray for all the places my feet will go and for all the people that will hear the Gospel!

Would you consider partnering with me in two ways?

One, will you pray for me as this summer draws near & continue to pray for me while away (June 7th through July 16th and  August 10 – 26)

Secondly, would you consider partnering with me financially? My goal for this summer is $5000. And anything helps!  Also I am seeking those who would be willing to partner with me monthly as I continue forward as a Forge staff member after the end of the summer.

I cannot wait to see all God has in store & I cannot wait to share all he does with you all!!!

-Alexis Deason

If you would like to chat with me you can send me an email at