About to Erupt

Santiago Fuentes

April 12, 2023
“And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.” — Luke 22:32


Close to where I live are three volcanos, one within walking distance. The nearest one erupted many years ago and left volcanic rock all over the area. As dangerous as the flowing molten lava can be—once cooled and solidified—it serves as solid foundation material for constructing houses and buildings.


As Kingdom Laborers, we're a little like the volcano's lava. We're being solidified. As we learn to trust God in every situation, keep His Word, and continue to love Him and others in deeper ways, we become “proven and reliable material” in building God's Kingdom.


Now, you may feel more like liquid lava than solid rock, like you're far from being complete or useful. That's okay. You need not be perfect, only willing and available. God sees you differently. He sees the future. He knows the plans He has for you. He's well aware how every act of laboring love you offer Him and others builds His Kingdom. God sees you “solidified.”


In the Scripture passage above, Jesus saw Peter beyond his betrayal night. He saw Peter preaching, winning souls, expanding the Kingdom, and writing God-inspired letters that continue to change lives today. He saw Peter “solidified” beyond all of Peter doubts, fears, and failures. God sees you that way too. So, press on!




Do you know a fellow Christian who is discouraged and thinking they're failing God? Pray for them, encourage them, share this devo with them, be present with them this week.