Empowering Everyone

For the 5 Spheres of Influence

I have become all things to all people, that by all means, I might save some

(1 Corinthians 9:22-23)

The “Five Spheres” Campaign is a movement fulfilling the heart-cry of Jesus to impact every facet and sphere of society worldwide (Mark 16:15).

What if ordinary believers were empowered to advance God’s Kingdom in their everyday spheres of influence (Matthew 9:37) – Business, Arts & Media, Public Service, Education, and Family?

By partnering to host a “Five Spheres” event, your ministry can increase the Kingdom impact of your people by helping them become a vibrant conduit of the transformative power of Jesus in their everyday spaces!

Will you link arms with us to further inspire and equip your Church to impact their Five Spheres of Influence?

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Getting Equipped

There is a growing trend – especially among Millennials and Gen Z – of seeking a faith that encompasses every area of life and invades every facet of society. And, we believe this longing is fulfilled in the very heart of Jesus to reach those who are far from God.

The “Five Spheres” Campaign is built on Jesus’ passion for believers to extend their reach beyond the “four walls” of Church (Luke 15:3-7) by seeking out and engaging those in the mainstreams of life who are searching for hope, connection, and purpose – ultimately only found in Christ and His Church.

Just as Jesus transformed one life at a time in mainstream places, this movement encourages and comes alongside local churches to equip everyday believers for impact by utilizing their God-given uniqueness (gifts, talents, experiences, etc.) to engage people in their spheres of influence. It's a mission to transform every facet of society through the innovative engagement of every believer in every place… everyday, everywhere.

Learn more about how we can partner to see every person in your church become a world-changing Kingdom Laborer in your community and beyond!

Ignite Relevance & Church Growth!

In today's rapidly changing world, local churches stand at the forefront of transformation that communities and cultures desperately need! By participating in this revolutionary campaign, your church doesn't only open doors for community engagement; it actively engages in seeing every one of your members grow in spiritual vibrancy as they live with hearts on fire and lives on purpose for the Kingdom.

Check out how 5 Sphere’s Events lead to a movement through 3EM: Everyday Everywhere Evangelistic Movements.

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Community Impact with Forge

Why Should Your Church Participate?

Engagement Leads to Growth

Churches that engage in community-focused programs report up to a 25% increase in attendance within the first year as they meet their community members' practical and spiritual needs. By hosting a “Five Spheres” event, your church becomes a beacon of light in the community, attracting those who seek to integrate their faith with their daily lives.

Strengthening Congregational Health

Healthy congregations are marked by active participation and a strong sense of purpose. By focusing on equipping believers to impact their varying spheres of influence, your church can provide diverse avenues for members to serve, aligning their passions and professions with their faith.

Transformative Impact

Churches that prioritize community engagement and often witness transformative impacts, not just within their walls but in the surrounding community. By addressing critical areas such as family integrity, education, public service, and business ethics through a biblical lens, your church can play a pivotal role in societal transformation, leading to a decrease in community issues such as poverty, crime, and family breakdown.

Broadened Horizons

Participating in the “Five Spheres” Campaign broadens your congregation’s horizons, encouraging members to think globally and act locally. This global perspective fosters a deeper understanding of the church’s role in the world, inspiring innovative solutions to complex problems and nurturing a generation committed to making a difference.

Ready to rally your region?

Our team of dynamic speakers are ready to travel to your region and partner with your group to call for spiritual decisions, challenge everyone to a deeper life in Christ, and equip believers with fresh insights and practical strategies to impact their everyday spheres of influence.

Join us in advancing the Kingdom of God by inspiring Kingdom Laborers in society's Five Spheres of Influence today!

You have the key! Now is the time to unlock the door.

Let’s begin a conversation today around co-creating a 5 Sphere Event.