140 Pairs of Shoes Laid Down for Jesus!

May 8, 2023

“These women were hungry right from the get go!” Michaela reports on her time at the Tab Women's Ministry Retreat in Michigan this past weekend. The weekend was focused on being Laborers for Christ! The first night focused on sitting at the table with Jesus, like how David prays in Psalm 23; there was a 100% YES from women wanting to sit at the table, even if that meant it could be hard. The next message was about Shoes, a challenge for them to bring the truth of the gospel everywhere they go. The call was for them to actually take off their shoes and lay them at the altar – what an incredible sight it was to see 140 pairs of shoes laid down for Jesus! Lastly, the women were anointed by their leaders, some for the first time, to go and be everday Kingdom Laborers for the Kingdom! God moved in big ways – thank you for your continued prayers!